Modelangelo originated in its precessor K-Modeler which was used for modeling KMDL®-conform processes only. In Modelangelo other modeling notations can be used as well. Furthermore, Modelangelo allows different views on a process, validates the syntactic correctness of the models, detects process improvement possibilities through the search of predefined patterns and generates reports.
The demo version of the K-Modeler is an Eclipse plug-in based on the Graphical Modeling Framework (GMF).
User interface
Modelangelo comes with a graphical user interface which is easy to handle.  Customizations and constraints depend on Eclipse as the basic platform. Thus, the graphics depend on the possibilities and limits of this platform. A process tree which is integrated within the user interface visualizes the structure of the processes along with their sub-processes and aggregations.
Objects can be dragged & dropped from the palett into the modelling area. Within the property window, attributes of selected objects can be changed. The “outline” window can be used to get a process overview.

Currently Modelangelo includes the following functions:

  • Graphical editor for modelling knowledge intensive business processes in process and activity views under KMDL®
    • Refining / nesting of tasks
  • Project management of the models
  • Reuse of modelling objects
    • Already identified conversion methods are saved by default
    • Loading and referencing of objects in models
  • Real-Time Syntaxchecking
  • Process overview to ease navigation
  • Printing and exporting of the models
  • Report generation
    • KMDL® Competence Report: This report visualizes all available knowledge objects.
    • KMDL® Task Coverage Report: This report visualizes all persons fulfilling a specific task. 
    • KMDL® Externalization Report: This report visualizes the externalized knowledge objects within a project.
  • XML model export
  • Process pattern recognition
  • Model analysis
  • Presentation mode
  • Path analysis
  • Typification of meta informations of the modeling objects
  • Improved exporting possibilities
  • Improved and revised basic functionalities